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SMS® offers safe, local and reliable sitting services at nearby hotels, Airbnbs, rentals, etc. The SMS® Sitter is interviewed in person and screened by the SMS® Office. We'll be sure to collect all the necessary information to ensure we meet as many of your needs as possible and connect you with a local, safe and reliable SMS® Sitter! SMS® does all the work for you!

$25 SMS® Scheduling Fee paid at time of the request.

This fee covers one SMS® Sitter. The SMS® Office will assist you with pricing for multiple SMS® Sitters once they receive your requests.

The SMS® Sitter hourly rate is $20/hr.

This rate is for non-holiday or non-special event requests.

The SMS® Scheduling fees and Sitter hourly rates may vary depending on the type of Out of Town Guest needs you have. Feel free to contact the SMS® Office for more questions if needed.

Any valet, parking, food, hotel or other costs related to the sit that the SMS® Sitter incurs are owed in full at the end of the sit in addition to the sitter hourly rate owed.

Individual: You are requesting SMS® Services for only your family and no other families will be joining you.

Group: Several families will be in need of sitting services and we'd like to share the same or same set of SMS® Sitters for convenience.

Guest Information

Please provide your contact info as well as details for all children present for this sit request.
(All fields are required)

Sit Location

Please share additional information on on your location (hotel name, where to park - valet, nearby parking lot, etc.)
If any parking fees are involved they will need to be paid for and provided before arrival

Sit Date & Time

Request an additional 2 hour flex end time.

Flex End: For example, if a sit is scheduled for 5-9pm with "flex end", you would arrive home between 9-11pm.
You would pay your sitter for full sit (4hrs) + any flex time used.
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