SMS® Members

Our Members never worry about safe and reliable babysitters or whether they'll show up! SMS® offers the perfect balance of access to our online software and local office support. Contact us to learn more or join the SMS® Life now!

Finding sitters is one of the lamest parts of being a Mom! It's such a relief to have these vetted energetic and fun sitters at the touch of a button!

Amanda S.

Member Rates

Free Plan
Annual Plan
Annual Membership Fee
(Members receive a 30 day reminder each year and can cancel at anytime. Non-refundable once charged.)
Scheduling Fees
Fee paid to SMS® upon requesting a sit date. Fees vary based on notice given (+72hrs, less than 72hrs and less than 24hrs notice)
Sitter Hourly Rates
Paid to each sitter at the end of a completed sit.

How It Works

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    Join the SMS® Family

    Choose your membership selecting the free or annual plan.

    The SMS® Team will reach out to say Hello!

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    Book the SMS® Sitters

    Log in and request SMS® Sitters 24/7/365 to start enjoying the SMS® Life! Schedule your one time or consistent childcare needs from any device. There is a scheduling fee charged each time you request a sitter.

    Each sitter is paid directly by the member at the end of the sit.

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    How'd It Go?

    Your sitter will complete a log during the sit, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback if chosen and the SMS® Team is available along the way!