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I have been the founder and CEO here at Sitting Made Simple® since 2008. We’ve been proudly serving the city of Columbus for the past 10yrs on all things child care and now across the nation. I arrived to Cbus in 2005 for my husband's position at Abercrombie and Fitch, where he has been for over 17 years now. I am the oldest of three girls and the Daughter of two very hardworking parents, all who still reside in Kansas today, where my husband and I are both from.

As a young girl I watched my own Mother struggle to keep a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs and food on the table. I learned very quickly at a young age how to cook meals, clean the home and wrangle my two younger Sisters so my parents could work instead of being home with us. My Mom kept our family together. It was clear my Mother made sacrifices for us daily and I don't remember her ever taking a break or doing something nice for herself. She did whatever it took to keep us afloat, working an average of 60-80/hrs a week to barely make ends meet. She sewed every Halloween costume I wore, she was the cool young Mom and most of all taught me I could do anything I wanted, but I had to work hard for it. I went from being my Mother’s helper at age 18 to continue a more than 10 year nanny career where I supported other Mothers and their families, then at the age of 27 I launched SMS® where I’ve worked those same 80+hrs a week here in Columbus for the last 10yrs working endlessly to give families the convenience of safe, reliable child care without taking away the office support I know they need to today.

I’ve been supporting Mamas since I was born. I am committed to her and her family. My Mother is why I am who I am today. Because of her and who she is, SMS® exists today so families can feel good about the choices they make for their families daily.

M-F 9:00 am - 5:00 pm