Who We Are

At Sitting Made Simple®, we connect local families and sitters with safe, reliable childcare through our online platform. Our in-office personal attention establishes a trusted network of members and sitters in each and every location.

Years in the industry

Why Sitting Made Simple®

Most online platforms still only offer the ability to post requests and message potential connections. Finding new connections is cumbersome and frustrating. The SMS® platform offers members the option to request only when they need a sitter and access to their favorites on an ongoing basis.

We’ve also found parents do not want to share their favorites or refer them to other members. Families are looking for comfort and familiarity, almost always wanting the same sitter to return.

What sets us apart from all other online platforms is the SMS® Office and service we provide through that support. Users have access to us 24/7/365. We aren’t just a platform. We are a team of professionals who work to ensure you have access to local, safe and reliable childcare without all the scrolling and posting.

How We Started

Amanda Knapp, our founder, created the platform after arriving in Columbus, OH in 2008. As a longtime nanny, she quickly found herself navigating the childcare industry in a city she was not as familiar with. Local agencies lacked an online presence while web-based options operated without any local support system. The idea of interviewing with strangers made her nervous, not to mention the time it took to even connect with a family on her own. What Amanda found was the need for a modern, online system with the personal approach of those local agencies. She launched Sitting Made Simple® as the local, safe and reliable option to book or confirm a sitter online and based on actual need and availability. The result has been an overwhelming success!

In 2015, after several Columbus members and sitters showed an interest and need for the model in the new cities they too found themselves in, the decision to bring the platform to more people was easy! We spent the first 5 years testing the model in territories to learn what does and doesn’t work. Now, we’ve got the franchise process, systems and improvements updated to ensure they work for today's environment. All SMS® families and sitters have access to request or sit while visiting or moving to all locations. It’s golden!

What They're Saying

“Living away from family, I cannot tell you how valuable this service is to me! The sitters are not only great, but show up to engage and play with my boys!”

“I just booked 10 requests for the weeks I am visiting Nashville. I don’t know how we survived before SMS®

“This is by far the best job I’ve ever had! The families are all so great and the SMS® staff are by far the best at supporting you the entire time! Big thanks to everyone who makes this happen!”

“I feel safer and don’t have to worry about finding jobs on my own. The SMS® office helps us get started and answers all of our questions whenever we have them. It’s honestly been the best job for me!”

Meet Our Team

Amanda Knapp
Amanda Knapp
Founder & CEO

Amanda started her nanny career after high school graduation. Growing up as the first born, she knew how to run a home, help Mom out and spent many evenings watching all of her cousins. After 10 years in the nanny industry, she’s now dedicated more than 15 years to leading Sitting Made Simple® across the USA.
She also owns locations in Columbus and Cleveland, OH and Oklahoma City, OK.

Aimee Sallee
Aimee Sallee
Office Manager, Columbus & Cleveland, OH and Oklahoma City, OK

Aimee is a mom to four boys. She is no stranger to what it's like trying to navigate the childcare world as a busy Mom herself. Working alongside Amanda, her sister has been an amazing opportunity and experience!

Maddie Moorhead
Madeline Moorhead
Owner, Indianapolis, IN

Maddie started as a sitter for the Indy location in 2020 and is now the owner of the location. She is recently married to Allan and enjoys time spent with her goldendoodle, Annie.

Lauren Hardy
Lauren Hardy
Owner, Cincinnati, OH & Northern Kentucky and Nashville, TN

Lauren, mom of three, learned about the services from her sister-in-law. She instantly knew she was the one to bring the model to her area! Four years later, she purchased the Nashville franchise as her second location in 2022.

Liz Howenstine
Liz Howenstine
Owner, Denver - Boulder, CO

Liz started as a sitter for the Indianapolis location during college and is now the owner of our Denver/Boulder location opening in March 2024!

Emily Cooley & Kaley Eads
Kaley Eads & Emily Cooley
Owners, Dallas & Forth, TX and Raleigh, NC

Kaley started as a sitter in the Indianapolis location during college. She opened the Raleigh location with her sister, Emily Cooley in 2019. In 2022, they purchased the Dallas-Fort Worth as their second location. Kaley is married to her high school sweetheart, Austin and Emily shares four girls with her husband, Brandon.

Heather Knapp
Heather Knapp
Owner, Wichita, KS

Heather is as a married mom of 4 native to the Wichita area. Coming out of a corporate career as a project manager she is excited to bring access to safe, local and reliable child care to her community.